Friday, August 20, 2010

Top notch buskers near the Central Park boat house

Irving, 84, plays a sweet and low version of "Ode to Joy."
Cooper-Moore, an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, with his self-made harp.
The Boyd Family gospel singers are from Michigan
Richard, who loves to play villains, singing "Besame Mucho"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Are "gum dots" only a NYC phenomenon?

Although most of the time when I am walking in this great city, my eyes are pointed upward toward its wonderful, diverse faces and architecture, every once in a while I look down at the sidewalk.When I do, to my horror, I see t  thousands (probably millions, in toto) of "gum dots" that have been spit or tossed on to the sidewalk, stepped on and flattened, and congealed into hard-to-remove black blobs. In some parts of town, these are regularly scraped up by supers and porters and doormen, but in most cased they stay there - I have no idea how they finally disappear.
It's odd - in cities like Paris or Barcelona, you have to stay constantly alert for dog leavings, but you don't see the gum spots. In New York, we've nearly conquered the dog problem, and are inundated with chewable grafitti. Go know.